Eloth.net 8.60

The planned start of the server will take place on August the 5th at 18:00 (CEST) and will be hosted in Europe.
Loot analyser!
7 July 2020
We would like to announce that Loot Analyser feature has been finished and tested as much as we can - it looks stable and works like a charm, please remember that still some small bugs may occur, so we are waiting for your feedback! Loot analyser will appear next server save which is 8 July 2020 at 7:00 CEST!

Looted items:
Displays information on total amount and type of looted items since last login, as well as the gold value of looted items based on NPC price.

Supplies Used:
Displays information on total amount and type of wasted items since last login, as well as the gold value of wasted items based on NPC price.

You may also restart your Loot Analyser by simply click on Reset Statistics button!

Connection issues
3 July 2020
As protection system we made didn't work as we thought it will and you were still loosing your character progress during server network troubles we decided to ask our former collaborator Gesior for help.

Gesior has written another protection system, that from now should protect your death during server network issues and you will no longer lose your character progress.

New protection system is going to work from today's server save. This day we are also going to compensate all of those deaths during these days which hasn't been compensated yet.

We are sorry for all issues happens during last few days and we hope that problem is finally resolved.

#Edit - 3.07.2020 21:04

System worked perfectly on 18:53, that means we may start compensating deaths during last days.

Here is a list of players who died during mass-kicks since 2020-07-02 00:32:32:

Fire Elemantal
Gruby Lysy Huj
El Mete Ysaca
Marius Ballard
Rucen Dominando
Nickk Sixx
Cocaina Stronk
Szalona Pyzaa
Paco Ashenvale
Marius Ballard

All of these players received 50 premium points as a compensate for deaths.

Patch notes
1 July 2020
Since few days company from which we are renting our dedicated server has some issues with their networking which caused server freezes few times during these days. So far situation seems to be stable and server is no longer freezing. Anyway, we decided to protect server in the future against that kind of issues and implemented a system that will teleport your character to your temple instead of put to death in case of server connection problems.

We would like also to share with you information about module that we were developing since over a week, here we talking about in-game Loot Analyser (thanks to Aurelion) which will count each item you loot aswell as used item [ammunitions, supplies] and calculate your waste/profit. Currently it's progress is set to 90%, which means everything is working on our test server and we are under testing things and checking if no errors/bug/crashes would happen due to this feature. That means feature will come within few days from now. Stay patient!

Within the Kasterian history, the Ruthless Seven learned the forgotten art of dreamwalking and dominated all the pivotal points of meeting for the Nightmare Knights, thus cutting them off from each other. That almost annihilated the ancient knightly order. Before they were wiped out, they created a maze underneath the Plains of Havoc, inside the very inferno pits, where they had built an outpost so that one day leave the hellish underworld and dominate the whole world.

The ruthless seven are a cabal of archdemons who follow orders of Zathroth. Even the Demon Overlords obey their wishes.
Each one of the Ruthless Seven represents a hell circle. Each one bears a kind of disfortune that might happen. Fire, despair, plague, damnation, destruction, deceit and undeath.

Apocalypse, Total Destruction
Ashfalor, the right hand of Urgith. The general of the undead hordes.
Bazir, the Great Deceiver, Lord of the Lies
Infernatil, the Incendiary of HellPumin, the Lord of Despair
Tafariel, the Mistress of the Damned
Verminor, the Plaguelord

Yes! That means Ruthless Seven is going to be open on Saturday 4th July.

Patch notes
25 June 2020
It's been a long time since we heard eachother, that was caused due to lot of improvements against specified bot functions - everytime we were increasing security, bot developer been bypassing it. It took "few" hours to protect client properly, but still it's not as safe as we would want to. By that we wanted to say that our work to prevent bots is still being in progress and security against it will be developed further.

Since few days our mapper was preparing some teamhunt spawns, but now due to feedback from our players we realized that Kasteria is missing a good solo hunt spawns. So, we did a quick work and with tommorow's server save brand new spawn called Mother of Ancients which is going to be located to the east of Ankrahmun/Darashia passage will appear.

Due to alot of feedbacks about Warzone, which became a "unpunished" spawn for players especially knights, due to quick way to protection zone - even with a skull, we decided to completely remove protection zones from Warzone expect boss reward room.

Tommorow, we are going to update our minimap in game client and we will try to update web version of map [it's a long process, which is cutting me off from work for few hours].

Blocking PVP bot usage
20 June 2020
Following an investigation we have made a another changes with the ability to drag stone skin amulet or energy ring using a bot. You can no longer use this bot to auto drag stone skin amulets/energy rings. All players must update their client so this effect will take place, without updating you will not be able to drag these items up to your slots.

Update will come after next server save which is on Sunday 21st June.

New spawn - Skeleton Warriors
19 June 2020
Kasteria is strong team to respond to the expectations of players, that's why due to a lot of requests from players to implement some new spawn we would like to present brand new exp place on which you may find new monsters called Skeleton Warriors. We shun from adding new cities as there is already too many on current server map, we have choosed to expand already existing deserted terrains, that's why Skeleton Warriors spawn has been added inside Ab'dendriels Castle.


Please get in mind, that our web map is not updated yet so you cannot see how the spawn looks like, but follow the place we sent above and use pick to the north from Minotaur Guard to get in.

We would like to thanks to all players who's helping us developing the server with their feedbacks. We are building strong community and we believe we may stay much longer than ever.

Kasteria team.

Patch log
17 June 2020
We would like to share with you our latest minor updates;

- we have received feedback from players, that players which were in party but were not damaging monsters were getting experience without loosing stamina, problem has been fixed and stamina should work properly in teamhunts
- we have added counter of total members in guild and current online members to 'look' function
- treasure island has been fixed (pirates been dropping wrong map before)
- due to a lot of requests from players, we have decided to unlock Prison spawn which is located to the south-west of Venore

Multi-client blocking
12 June 2020
Dear Kasterians!

We continue our hard work to make this server balanced and joyfull place for you, remember that as long as you will have any idea or suggestion, feel free to give us feedback through our Discord server - as it's easiest and fastest way to contact us. As you know, we are all humans and spending 24 hours through PC is not something we can provide, while discord might be read even on phone and messages are not being removed, while reports in-game are being removed as fast as you close your report.

According to few "past" situations, I would like to mention about Multi-Client spawn blocking. As you know, or not there are no limit for Mc's, we are not forcing anyone to play just one character, but ..., there was some unclear situations connected to blocking spawn entrance or spawns directly. We decided to introduce to you one new rule. From now on you can block the spawns with only 1 character on same ip. That's mean if you are exping in teamhunt of 2 players or above, each of you may put one character to block the spawn. Higher amount of blocking characters may lead to banishment of blocking character, so be sure to not do that.

Due to a lot of requests from players we decided to increase current loot rate which currently is being set to 2.3x. Additonaly, loot bonus from casts has been also increased by 5% which currently gives you +15% extra loot during your live streams.

We understand each side of the view, so as you know we are flexible in some situations. Please do not stop giving us your feedbacks as mainly you are deciding about features that will come in the future.


Important client update!
7 June 2020
Dear Kasterians,

We will start the news with VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION!

Our goal is to make kasteria fair for every player so we continue minimalizing bots posibilities. To existing antyparals and anty equiping stone skins, today we added anty replacing might and energy rings, so if you guys want to wear them, you will need to update your client. Remember to do that as soon as possible to avoid some problems connected to this change.

As you guys know your suggestions can have big influence for our server, so according to many requests about it, we decide to decrease the frag time amount for 6 hours, so now it's 24 hours for premium players instead of 30 hours and 30 hours for free account players instead of 36 hours.

Remember that every and each of you dear players can help us grow, and everyone is important for us.

Enjoy your time spend on our server! Best wishes guys have fun and good luck.

Start summary
5 June 2020
The start went smooth and we didn't face any huge problems on the start of our server. The amount of players was higher than we expected, and went over 1600! Thanks for your activity, it means a lot for us.

We highly recommend to stay tune with our social medias!

In our youtube channel soon will start appear short guides from our server to help u succed and enjoy the server, leave a subscribe to stay tune, also there will be some giveaways so defenitely you should check it out.

Also we got a facebook fanpage where u can contact us, and find most important informations, current and future events and some more.

Finally we got a discord server which we recommend you the most to join it, because its easiest way to contact us, expect the game of course. There will be giveaway for 50 premium points code everyday in general chat section it will appear between 18:00 and 21:00 CEST. Also there is few voice channels to speak with each other, as well you can find crew members there and ask them anything.

Now time for few informations about changes and questions mostly asked ...

From today's server save every mount give same amount of speed (+10), earlier on our vision was to make it just cosmetic "bonus", but as soon as we get many requests and suggestions from you; our community, we decided to change the bonus and make it more usefull.

From tommorow's server save which is at 6 June 2020, there will be possibility to repeat the tasks both for cash and those for exp, every next reward will be decreased by a half, so rewards will get lower, and lower. The second time you will report the task you will receive 50 % of basic reward, third - 33 %, fourth 22 % etc.

Death redemption is not working properly at the moment, we have investigated the problem and with next server save it will start to work as it should. By that time we recommend you to not use it! However, if you already bought it don't worry, we are returning all points spent for it.

Another thing which we would love to mention is that every day on Kasteria at 20:00 CEST there is event called War Event, everyone may join, even rookgaard players. Event is free to join and noone will lose their items! So all you need to worry about is giving your best on pvp arena. Winning team get 5% bonus exp for 6 hours when the losing one get 2% bonus.

We would love to present to you as well new commend which will be added after next server save which is !vial - when you type that command after drinking a potion the empty flask will just dissapear from your inventory. However, if you want to make vials appear again you have to use that command once again.

Many people suggest us that when you exp in full team including every vocation, the experience you get is much lower than on solo hunt - we are listening your expectations and decided to increase bonus by 20% after next server save.

Worth to mention is a fact that we have our own Wikipedia which you may find at top left corner of our webpage. In this place you can find many answers for your questions, one of the new bookmarks which was added today is Vocation Informations, many people asked about details of each vocation so we added it to help you out, obviously if you can't find answer there, in our server we have help channel where mostly all of time there is a person to help you out.

We are very happy that you have choosen our server, we will keep the work on this server to provide you stable and great place to spend your time in Kasteria.

Best wishes,
Kasteria support.

Incredible reaction!
4 June 2020
The entire team here at Kasteria would like to say a huge thank you to all of our community and players for the incredible hype and interest built up around the start of this server.

With this platform we have now we will create the best ever 8.0 server ever seen. The motivation and dedication of the Kasteria team is strong and the leadership team is better than ever before. We will manage the server to meet optimum performance and have invested heavily in a stable website and client.

After much consideration on creating the perfect balance to Kasteria, if you open a public cast you will receive a 10% extra loot during your stream! This is fantastic way to keep balance of the server and match up with the rates shown on our info page.

We would also like to take this update as a chance to say thank you to Spillevink who created a trailer for the server!

He has been rewarded with a point’s gift for his efforts to support our long awaited launch day!

As we welcome players from all across the world to Kasteria, we have also invested in the best proxies for our players in countries such as Brazil and America. You will find here the best connection you have witnessed for a european server!

Kasteria - light of day!
27 May 2020
Due to huge demand Kasteria is here! Our team has been working behind the scenes for months and months now, perfecting everything. We are extremely excited to confirm the launch date as June 4th at 18:00 (CEST).

For a long time now Kasteria has always been the best 8.0 server ever to be seen. We aim to go above and beyond all of your expectations with this lower rate, long lasting Kasteria. As always our main focus is with our players, communities and how everyone truly wants to enjoy 8.0 servers.

Over the years our support team has been a huge part of our success and we bring to you this Kasteria with the strongest support team we have ever seen. We are more active, more capable at responding and fixing and closer to our communities than ever before. With the best real map and the strongest support team in place Kasteria will be absoutely HUGE for all types of players.

We have spent days talking with our loyal community and players to bring you the most finely tuned server you will ever play. Taking all your feedback into consideration along with our experience we have the perfect formula to bring you the best OT server ever launched.

Ensure to prepare everything as quickly as you can because the start date is arriving very soon!

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