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If you client is not starting (missing dlls), you need to download and install this package: vc_redist.x86.exe
50% extra XP and skill weekend!
29 April 2021
Are you looking for an opportunity to level up and improve your skills? A 50% extra XP and 50% extra skill weekend is coming! So sharpen your weapons and stock up your potions, a weekend full of excessive monster slaughtering is waiting for you!

Between the server saves of April 30 and May 3, all monsters will yield of 50% more the usual amount of experience points, and your skill training, including magic level, will advance by 50% faster.

Have fun,
Your Kasteria Team

Patchlog and updates
23 April 2021
Fellow Kasterians, it's been a while since our last news on this page however it doesn't mean we stopped or were not working on improving our server. During the last month, we were hard-working on game updates as long as minor or major bug fixes which we would love to share with you now.

Few updates ago, we have implemented a new cosmetic thing for player's outfits - Shader, which was obtainable only by having at least 4 items upgraded to +7. As we have seen a positive reception we decided to add few more shaders so you may look even more phenomenally. However, we have opted out of granting shaders for +7 items and currently, these are obtainable only from our Game Store. Please get in mind that some of the older GPUs may not handle some shaders, so these may be not visible.

Being on the topic of outfit cosmetic changes we are proud to present you another expansion of your outfits by Auras which are just like shaders, a cosmetic accessory. Do you want your character to stand out even more? Check out the game store.

However, we are aware that there are also players who don't like changes such as this - for these players, we have added a special option to the Game client which will let them turn off visibility of Shaders or Auras mentioned above.

Responding to players requests we have prepared brand new Dungeon difficulty level - Expert, which has been designed for higher level characters. Expert stage can be completed only by characters with a level higher than 180. We believe that Expert level will bring another adrenaline rush for everyone. You will have opportunity to visit new stage after next server save which will take a place on 24 April 2021!

We have corrected a lot of things reported since the beginning, which you let us know and what has made our work more efficient.

All holes and stone piles allows monsters to fall down like it should (be careful of scarab traps)
Corrected Gem prices in Loot Statistics
Stone behind "Oil Bridge" at Pits of Inferno can now be destroyed with Sneaky Stabber of Eliteness
You may no longer block the stones on Warzone II for preventing their summon spawns
You may no longer use Blessed Wooden Stake or Obsidian Knife on corpses if you are not owner of these
From now you may enable spell emoting in Game Client options
Soulfire rune should work properly, it won't be abusable anymore
Dreamers Challenge Quest will not stuck itself anymore
Loot Analyser will no longer count anymore items which you "use" if they are not being used
Loot Analyser will count properly items which are being Quick Looted in to the deeper backpacks
Corrected spell attacks of Deaththrower
NPCs will no longer takes your items from inventory while exchanging for other things such as addons or addon items
Furniture NPCs will now sell proper items
Added Auto Trade Messanger to the client, which will let you send trade message automatically
Added Avalanches, Fire Bomb and Energy Bomb runes to the Warzone rewards
Added notification of how much time left you have untill you may do next Warzone mission
Added Quest Items to the Game Store which contains items needed for complete quest if you have lost these during gameplay
Changed Crown Legs to Golden Legs as a reward for completing Medium level of Dungeon
Changed Vile Axe to Heavy Mace as a reward for completing Hard level of Dungeon
Added missing names of several objects in game
Barghest, Baldur and Brutus dusts are going to be highlighted in Loot Message
Twin Axe, Tempest Shield and Jade Hammer has been removed from normal game creatures - these items should stay only in game Bosses
You may buy maximum 1 label, parcel or letter at once

We sincerely hope you enjoy our updates. We put a lot of work, heart and effort into them to make them interesting and addictive for many players. Remember that your opinions and suggestions are important to us - without you, we would not exist.

We would also like to invite you to our discord server, where you can talk with the entire support, propose your changes, conduct discussions and look for companions to play together!

Remember that Kasteria, the Eternity world is here to stay! We are not planning and will not plan to close it down anytime.

Update - Activities Tracker
18 March 2021
Kasterians, few days ago we have received an idea from you about create widget which can be used to track your cooldowns on several activities at our server and as you know that we always listen to your suggestions, so once again we decided to meet your expectations

We would love to present to you our latest work which is so called Activities Tracker. It's a built-in client widget which tells you how long you have to wait untill you may repeat several activities such as challange Daily bosses, Warzone bosses and additionaly: if you can do Dungeon, use Death redemption or how many Downgrade Item protections you have left.

The Activities Tracker will be implemented after next server save which will take a place on 19th March!

We are open for further suggestions, if you have a nice idea feel free share it with us through our Discord server -

Have fun!

Update - Fast Looting!
10 March 2021
Fellow Kasterians, it gives us great pleasure to welcome each and every one of you from Clarity to our long standing world Eternity. We are delighted with the feedback received regarding the level scaling during the merge and also want to celebrate Eternity, a world which has now been online for 5 months.

Following many long and hard days work, we are pleased to announce a huge new update - Fast Looting. Having received a lot of messages regarding auto looting we have decided to add our own, built in fast looting tool.

The fast looting feature allows you optimize your hunts, with the ability to set up a customisable inventory structure helping you to automatically sort your loot.

Once you have set up your loot containers, all items that you loot via the fast loot feature are going to be automatically sorted into these loot containers. Items that belong to unassigned categories are going to be sent to the default container.

Please get in mind, that only premium account players are able to setup their containers, free account players are still able to use Fast Looting feature, however all loot is going to be moved to the default container regardless of their settings.

The client is now able to remember the position of your opened backpacks and windows in the sidebars. If you log out or close the client and log in again, all of your opened sidebar windows are going to be restored to the same position and size.

The Fast Looting feature is going to be implemented on 11st March, due to this we are going to have maintenance at 10:00 CET and shouldn't be longer than one hour.

Eternity and in turn, Kasteria, is growing day by day. We would like to assure all of our players this brilliant new update is the first of many with much more planned in the near future. We pride ourselves on the current content we have for players but we will never stop perfecting the game-play.

Have fun!

Merge Announcement!
26 February 2021
Kasterians, it is time for server merge!

On February 27, 2021 world Clarity will be merged into the world Eternity. Due to this game worlds are going to be closed at 10:00 CET and should be back at around 11:00 CET.

What does the upcoming merger mean for the affected game world?

Players from Clarity world are going to lost their houses, all items that are inside are going to be transfered to their depots.
Players from Clarity world are going to receive experience recalculation to the stages of Eternity at every stage of the game.

For those who wish to check their levels after merging world we have created dedicated calculator:

Please keep in mind that it is necessary to merge these worlds to have one stable server which is supposed to stay for a long time.

Get Ready!

New spawn for solo hunt [mages]
7 February 2021
Responding to players requests, with today's server save we have added completely new designed spawn with brand new monsters dedicated to hunt by mages solo.

Spawn is located near Meriana, go to the place that you may see above and follow the path.

Summary and patchlog
4 February 2021
The beginning of Kasteria's new world Clarity has been an incredible journey as we welcome players around the world for the first time with our Europe community.

As always we have been working extremely hard and want to share the most recent changes with you below;

Added a new Dragon and Dragon Lord spawn in Thais (Inside Mount Sternum)
Added a new Grim Reaper spawn near Ab'dendriel castle
Cash task rewards now go directly to your bank
Added ability to sell golden mug at Rashid
Added Rotworm and Bod Raider spawns under Carlin City
Soul points required to conjure Fireball Rune has been reduced
Added exhaust for moving pots for PVP purposes
Increased health of Skeleton Warriors
Added guild emblem for guild members (to show when outside of warmode)
Added a new location to fight on Spirit Fields (Ice map)
Decreased price for Infernal Arrows
Replaced Tortoises for Rats in the room under Liberty Bay Temple

With every client update we make we are continuing to fight against bots for PVP. We understand a fair battlefield for everyone is most important and we will keep updating to remove these unofficial software's.

We are always working on the next development of the server and taking a very detailed strategy when deciding what the next update should be. We will continue to strive for perfection in every possible way so keep sending us your feedback as this is what helps us platform the perfect server for you, our players.

The most popular piece of feedback we have received so far is around solo hunts for mages. We are now actively building a plan to improve this and have several great ideas in the works. We will let everyone know as this progresses!

We invite you to use our very active discord -

Stay tuned for more updates soon!

Second world Clarity launching!
18 January 2021
The planned start of the second world - Clarity will take place on January 26th at 18:00 CET and will be hosted in Europe with amazing proxies for US and BR players.

This is one of the most important decisions we have made throughout the whole server's lifetime. For many years the players have demanded a multi-world system whereby they would be able to have more than one choice, depending on their preferences and gamestyle.

Finally now is the time! For the first time ever we are extremely pleased to announce the launch of our second world Clarity, offering some exciting new changes. Our new system enables you to have the confidence that no matter how long you play, your character progress will always be saved, and you will always be able to get back into the game on your old characters.

Below there are some of the unique changes we have applied to the Clarity world:

PVP Enforced - Whilst the skull system remains in place you will now gain experience for killing players inside and outside of warmode!

Death Redemption - After careful consideration and listening to every players feedback, Death Redemption has been removed from Clarity.

No PZ on carpets - responding to player's requests and discussed with the rest of the support we decided to remove PZ from carpets, that's mean you may travel using this type of transport even with skull.

Money Tasks - That type of tasks has been abit reworked, feel free to check changes in our Wikipedia.

Avalanche Rune - Only druids will be able to create (adori gran frigo) and use these runes, which are slightly more powerful than normal gfbs and no monster is going to be protected against that damage. This has been tested until the end of the world and is extremely balanced offering Druids an opportunity to solo hunt!

Experience Rates - You can find these on the server information section for Clarity.

Built-in Proxies - Having opened a test server for players, Clarity has a built-in proxy system improving the quality and smoothness of the game for people from North and South America!

Streamers - As always we have our incredibly popular streamer Crowny Cro advertising the server and we would also like to announce the introduction of Rubini to the Team for Clarity!

We would like some of you an easier start with the first clashes in the world of Clarity and the conquest of the Kasterian territories controlled by hordes of powerful monsters. That's why we have prepared several competitions in which you will be able to win premium points to use in our game store, such as Facebook contest.

Furthermore, from time to time our streamers will give away premium tunes on their broadcasts, which will equip your account with many cosmetic and practical additions to the game.

Crowny Cro -
Rubini -

You can expect top-notch quality and a huge amount of interesting updates that we will be adding systematically to the server.

We would also like to invite you to our discord server, where you can talk with the entire support, propose your changes, conduct discussions and look for companions to play together!

Get ready for a new dose of emotions and many of crazy adventures! Get ready to fight.

Welcome to the new world - Clarity world.

Server maintenance!
12 January 2021
Due to technical maintenance work, server save will take a bit longer than usual tomorrow. We expect game back online around 9:00 CET.

Yours Kasteria Support

Game update!
5 January 2021
Dear Kasterians,

after a little longer break we are back with a fresh breeze in New Year 2021! During this edition we have been thinking about balancing vocations even more, so every profession is useful in both team and solo hunt. As you already seen - paladin received such boost and became a pretty good vocation in both cases, however, there were still the question of the Druid vocation. Together with our support after a few days of thinking we finally hope found solution that will make a Druid stronger on solo hunts, which means each of vocation became playable in each cases.

We don't want to break the 8.0 gameplay, so please don't think that Druid will become as powerfull as mage, but just little upgraded.

Avalanche Rune - only Druids will be able to create (adori gran frigo) and use these runes, which are more powerfull than normal GFBs and no monster is going to be protected against that damage.

Cure Electrification - only Druids will be able to use that spell (exana vis), removes Electrification.

Cure Burning - only Druids will be able to use that spell (exana flam), removes Burning.

Update will be implemented next server save which is on 5 January 2021!

As always, we thank you for your huge support and help in server development.

Kasteria World War!
22 December 2020
If you would like to take part in a war organised by the players of Kasteria you can Join our Discord ready for Wednesday 23rd Decemeber from 19:00!

Simply connect to the Voice Channel named World War on our Discord and wait for the rest of the instructions. When we post the details with your ingame name and you will be distributed into your team!

This will be the first of its kind with many more in the future all streamed on Youtube and Twitch!

Merry Christmass!
20 December 2020
Dear Kasterians,

Christmas is just around the corner! Therefore, as announced, we have prepared a lot of bonuses, events and prizes for you.

First of all, we would like to inform you that Santa Claus is returning to Kasteria! Recently you have been so helpful and you have collected so many gifts for him that this time he decided to devote his time and hide special gift baskets on the whole map! For each gift you bring him, you will receive one random surprise. You will be able to find him in the temple of every city, and gifts will appear every 2 hours (CET - 08:00, 09:00, 11:00, 13:00, 16:00, 18:00, 20:00).

Every day, every 6 hours (CET - 09:00, 15:00, 21:00) you will have the opportunity to join a special event in which you will face Santa's evil brother and his army, teleport is going to appear in each temple... After being teleported to a special winter map, you will have to fight a bloody battle with waves of monsters, and finally - with Corrupted Santa himself! After defeating him, each player will receive 10% bonus experience for next 6 hours.

You may exchanged Christmass Tokens you have collected during this Event with Santa Claus for several prizes:

- prey bonus rerolls
- item downgrade protector
- blazebringer mount
- each of retro outfit

In addition, during the Christmas time, we have prepared huge list of bonuses and other activities for you:

- Cast will give 10% extra experience.
- Our streamer - Crowny Cro, will be giving away premium points on his facebook livestreams! -
- From time to time you will have the opportunity to take part in a prize-search event, organized by GM.
- The player who gets the most experience points during the holidays will receive a SPECIAL REWARD from the GM.
- Best Christmas screenshot contest!

Each of you can take part in it, and the prizes you will be able to get from it are unique and incredibly rare - Golden Helmet, Demon Legs, Golden Boots, Dragon Scale Legs.

You may send your screenshots on our Discord server on screenshots channel

1st place - chooses 1 of these prizes + 200 premium points
2nd place - chooses 1 of the remaining prizes + 100 premium points
3rd place - chooses 1 of the other two prizes + 50 premium points

Christmas is a time that each of us wants to spend with family and friends. As a gift and to compensate it, each player receives a free 3 days premium account on December 21!

On behalf of the server support, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas! We hope that you will spend it in a warm family circle and a pleasant atmosphere, and if you want to relax in front of the monitor, a lot of activity awaits you!

Update & Rapid Spawn Event!
15 December 2020
Dear players!

Christmas is getting closer every day, therefore we have decided to make this waiting time pleasant for you and we have prepared some small surprises.

The first one is the upcoming rapid spawn weekend (30% faster spawn)! During this event, non-boss creatures respawn more frequently than they usually do. This will allow you to gain experience and loot faster, as well as to run more enjoyably on popular spawns, that are usually occupied by players.

The event will start from December 18, 07:00 CET until December 21, 07:00 CET.

The second change concerns people who take an active part in the guild's war life. We decided to add a new bonus - loot bonus. We know how expensive mighty battles in the Ankrahmun deserts can be - the wallets become empty, many of you lose all your possessions during the war. We hope that the implementation of this bonus will allow you to recover faster and return to the battlefield as fast as possible..

Finally, we would like to inform you to get ready, because in a while we will announce a list of special Christmas events! During these events, you will not only have a great time, but also get a lot of items!

Game update!
12 December 2020
Hello Kasterians!

In today's news, we would like to share with you informations about the things we have been working on over the last few days, as well as those that will be introduced in the near future.

Game update has been planed on Sunday, 14th December after server save.

The coolest change that we decided to do is adding shaders to the game for your outfits. They will work if you have more than 3 items with +7 enhancement in your equipment. You will be able to enable / disable this feature just the same way as addons. For those who don't like this kind of things, don't worry - you will be able to fully disable shaders on your client.

In response to a lot of requests, we decided to add a new map to the map pool in the dungeon, which will significantly reduce the waiting time with NPC Jinx. This abandoned island will be terrorized mainly by fire creatures, and trust me - it won't be easy, no matter what difficulty you will pick.

Moreover, we are starting work on the 4th level of the dungeon - hardcore level. This dungeon will be intended only for high-level Kasterians, who are not afraid to face death, in return for eternal glory and powerful rewards. You will learn more about it in the near future.

Recently, as part of an update related to the three hellhound brothers (Brutus, Baldur, Barghest), 3 types of the most powerful equipment on the server have been added, but you never had a chance to find out what stats these incredible items give you.

- Invicta Set (Paladin) -
- Deatheater Set (Sorcerer and Druid) -
- Hellbone Set (Knight) -

You can create them in the hidden forge by combining Helldusts and 4 parts that you can get from daily bosses.

One thing you have been asking for for a long time was the ability to save the state of backpacks in your inventory while logging out / logging in.

We are happy to announce that this has been implemented and playing will become more comfortable. After logging in to the server, your backpacks will remain in the same state as they were when logging out.

And finally, Wikipedia has been updated with new items and monsters.

As always, we thank you for your huge support and help in server development. We would like to inform you that we are preparing something special for you as part of the upcoming Christmas, you cannot miss it, it will be a lot of fun!

Paladin boost!
7 December 2020
Dear players,

We keep the gas on adding new things and improving the existing ones, so that your gameplay gives you the maximum amount of satisfaction. Today's short update is a response to your questions, requests and suggestions about current state of the server.

First of all, we have created a Wikipedia for you, which will be updated from time to time with new content introduced on the server. There, you will find answers to all your questions about monsters, quests, items and much more.

Recently, a discussion about the Paladin as "worst vocation" broke out, so after much reflection, discussions with players and testing, we decided to introduce the following changes:

Infernal arrows get a rework, these arrows will deal area damage, making Paladin more useful in teamhunts. These shots will deal physical damage to monsters, and fire damage to players. Damage dealt to players will depend on the number of people in the shooting field. Price of infernal arrows has been also increased to 110 gp per one.
Elvish Bow has been added to the loot of Forest Fury, you will be able to upgrade it using emblems.

One of the things you asked for was adding a new Chimera spawn, as the current one was small and inefficient. We came to the rescue, and from tomorrow you will be able to try your hand at fighting much larger groups of these mythical beasts.

We would like to thank you again for your support and commitment to the development of the server. We also invite you to our discord where you can discuss with us about your ideas and changes on the server.

Santa event!
6 December 2020
Ho ho ho players! December is a month when Santa has a lot of work to do because he has to deliver tons of gifts to polite kids (or coal, to the naughty ones). Unfortunately, something terrible happened when Santa was flying in the sky ... His sleigh got into a strange aura and started shaking, which led to the scattering of all gifts around the world of Kasteria!

During those shocks, his sleigh was damaged as well, so he stopped in Thais - exactly here:,17,position,32374,32212,7 to repair it for the next few days.

However, he was met by the kindness of the inhabitants of Kasteria, who decided to help him find the scattered gifts. In return, Santa Claus offered to give a surprise for each found gift.

Each two hours (starting from 8:00 CET) 600 Santa's lost bags will spawn randomly in whole Kasteria map, they may appear in the cities but also on monster spawns and will be there for next one hour, once you find an Santa's Lost Bag you have to "use it" and it will drop specified amount of gifts which you may echange for prizes with Santa Claus for help.

Server update!
3 December 2020
We are glad to share with you hottest information! After dozens of hours spent on developing and testing system we made, we are finally able to implement it on Kasteria! The update is going to appear on 4th December after server save!

The upcoming update will be one of the bigger developments yet to be seen on Kasteria. Together with our support we thought that any new game aspect we are going to add must have its own story and link to our current content.

There will be entire new spawns specifically designed by our team unique to Kasteria! At these three dangerous spawns you will encounter new terrifying creatures from the deepest places of the hell - Brutus, Baldur and Barghest. These three brothers who inhabit the depths of the Kasteria feed on fearful souls, and they tear any warrior apart, who dares to enter their territory alone.

Brutus entrance -,16,position,32649,31993,13
Baldur entrance (need to use pick) -,17,position,32592,32105,11
Barghest entrance -,16,position,33154,31892,11

The Map Review is going to be updated 4th December.

In addition you will have the chance to smelt the best equipment in the game using the smelting machine which is going to be located in one of the new spawns. However, it won't be easy task to pull off. To forge those powerful parts of equipment you will need to collect 5 of each the four items from Daily bosses such as Ophaniel The Undefeated and Astaroth, and 50 of the each type of dusts that are going to be dropped from these hellish creatures, which are going to be implemented in upcomming update.

As you propably noticed above, brand new outfit called Demon will also appear on the server and is going to be obtainable from in-game store.

As you well know, we maintain constant contact with all the players and take their advices and thoughts deeply to our hearts. Recently, there has been a discussion about the paladins balance - as this aggrieved vocation. Therefore, we decided to look into this issue in the coming days and if needed take all steps to improve the current state of the paladin vocation so that doesn't stand out of the rest.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our updates. We put a lot of work, heart and effort into them to make them interesting and addictive for many players. Just like you, senior tutors apart from support members are also normal players on Kasteria and we are together trying to make changes that will benefit everyone.

We also want to invite all of you to our discord server, where you can talk about your ideas, how to improve server, or just have an interraction with other players or server support.

Patchlog & upcomming updates
25 November 2020
We would like to thank everyone who has been contributing by providing feedback and reporting bugs, specially at our Discord. It's a good opportunity to encourage you to visit us there, participate among all other players and give us your opinion on trending topics.

So far we have received alot of good feedback that current state of Kasteria is very attract for alot of people and updates that has been made are enjoyable for everyone. We really appreciate your opinions and we hope that we will be able to keep the good updates further that you are going love same as us. Just one sentence addressed to all of you - THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

That news is more like a changelog of our work since begining, as we haven't noticed you yet about things have been done so far within the last 2 weeks and some seed of the informations of upcomming updates!

We have corrected a lot of things reported since begining, which you let us know and what has made our work more efficient.

moving stackable items without pressing CTRL
cam system has been reworked and should work without any problems
stamina is being regenerated on Training Dummies
command !vials is from now removing empty vials even using life fluids
server informations page has been updated
house invitations should be saved properly
Cursed Mummies has been reworked, they are abit stronger as they were
added Skeleton Warriors experience task
mission "Pigs Out" on warzones has been improved, from now you will have 100% chance to get truffles
added level requirement to weapons from 4th Svargrond arena
command !frags has been corrected, from now it shows correct frag time for premium account players
added Training Dummy on Rookgaard
big spawn of Hydras in Tiquanda has been improved
Grim Reapers has been removed from Warzone I
Annihilator Quest has been fully rewritten - doors are going to be closed every attempt, no more possibility to overspawn Demons inside, you will no longer be able to enter inside if there are other people inside (both monster room and reward room)
Imperial and Princely set has received an rework, from they are more valuable
you will not longer be able to sell your items from your equipment, only items inside containers are going to be counted to be sold
added names to an items which were without names (ie. ophaniels items)
added new spawn of Skeleton Warriors inside Thais Monsternum (use pick here -,18,position,32510,32065,9)
improved small Hydra spawn in Tiquanda

We all know, that our beloved game is not only about hunting, but also about meeting new friends, communication etc. Therefore, we have prepared another entertainment for you, which we hope will give you many hours of fun, namely - a mini game commonly known as Battleship. A game in which you will be able to compete with another player by playing for free (just for fun), or create a competition for in-game things such as gold coins!

Battleship Game is under testing and should appear very soon! Please be patient!
First week of the server we were testing all of the Events we have implemented since begining, if everything is working as it should as you are never be able to test something with very few of players as hundreds of players will do. As everything after some corrections that has been needed started to work as expected we have increased repetition frequency of each event from one time to three times a day! We hope that you enjoy Events we made for you and you should expect some more in the future!

We are glad to inform you that we are under finish of next update in which you will be able to challange three new monsters which except of good hunting place will have it's full story to be solved! We cannot tell you more yet, but keep your eyes on our website - soon you will get more informations!

We are also happy to inform you, that currently we are preparing Wikipedia of Kasteria on which you will be able to find informations about all custom content that exist on our server, so it will be easy to find informations about things you didn't know yet about. Wikipedia should be ready very soon, please be patient!

Xur'goth Event!
18 November 2020
Kasteria Guards start to receive disturbing reports about weird activity near city. Citizens report about whispers and screams outside the walls. Weather start to change quicker than ever. Storms and Rains are strong as never before...

There was an old legend about frightening monster called Xur'goth which had no mercy for anyone. Any human, any animal which stand on his way were just dissapearing, most often only trace was their blood. Somehow group of smartest people in kingdom found way how to close the demon in the abyss. After that happened Kasteria start to grow and become peacefull place...

...but nothing longs for ever,
signs are clear...,
better brace yourself.
The Devil has been back!

Full list of the prizes you may get from that Event!

- 1% of total experience of your character
- 1-5 prey bonus rerolls
- 3% experience boost for 4 hours
- boots of haste
- amulet of loss
- golden legs
- demon shield
- bag of time rings
- bag of might rings
- bag of stone skins
- backpack of sudden death runes (6x charges)
- backpack of ultimate healing runes (6x charges)
- backpack of magic wall runes (18x charges)

Successfull launch!
14 November 2020
We would like to thank all players who have joined us here on Kasteria. This unique server had an amazing launch of over 2100 players and we have hugely enjoyed seeing the start of everyone’s journey in this project.

Since the very beginning we have managed to respond to 100’s of reports, suggestions and received incredible feedback from players. Your thoughts are extremely important to us as we navigate through the opening stages of the server. The team has worked around the clock to ensure our response time has been fast.

With tommorow's server save which will take place on 15th November Daily Bosses are going to be enabled, so you and your teammates may start to loot Emblems!

Eye of Destruction -,16,position,32582,31938,6
Endlesss Frozen Eye -,16,position,32386,31056,8
Ar'gazoth -,16,position,33178,31639,15
Ophaniel The Undefeated -,16,position,32607,31607,13
Blaze The Havoc -,16,position,31956,32592,8
Astaroth -,16,position,32306,32526,13

We look forward to keeping you updated and welcome you to Kasteria!

Copyrights 2020, All rights reserved.