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Server is online and should stay stable as it should be!

If you client is not starting (missing dlls), you need to download and install this package: vc_redist.x86.exe
Incredible reaction!
4 June 2020
The entire team here at Kasteria would like to say a huge thank you to all of our community and players for the incredible hype and interest built up around the start of this server.

With this platform we have now we will create the best ever 8.0 server ever seen. The motivation and dedication of the Kasteria team is strong and the leadership team is better than ever before. We will manage the server to meet optimum performance and have invested heavily in a stable website and client.

After much consideration on creating the perfect balance to Kasteria, if you open a public cast you will receive a 10% extra loot during your stream! This is fantastic way to keep balance of the server and match up with the rates shown on our info page.

We would also like to take this update as a chance to say thank you to Spillevink who created a trailer for the server!

He has been rewarded with a point’s gift for his efforts to support our long awaited launch day!

As we welcome players from all across the world to Kasteria, we have also invested in the best proxies for our players in countries such as Brazil and America. You will find here the best connection you have witnessed for a european server!

Kasteria - light of day!
27 May 2020
Due to huge demand Kasteria is here! Our team has been working behind the scenes for months and months now, perfecting everything. We are extremely excited to confirm the launch date as June 4th at 18:00 (CEST).

For a long time now Kasteria has always been the best 8.0 server ever to be seen. We aim to go above and beyond all of your expectations with this lower rate, long lasting Kasteria. As always our main focus is with our players, communities and how everyone truly wants to enjoy 8.0 servers.

Over the years our support team has been a huge part of our success and we bring to you this Kasteria with the strongest support team we have ever seen. We are more active, more capable at responding and fixing and closer to our communities than ever before. With the best real map and the strongest support team in place Kasteria will be absoutely HUGE for all types of players.

We have spent days talking with our loyal community and players to bring you the most finely tuned server you will ever play. Taking all your feedback into consideration along with our experience we have the perfect formula to bring you the best OT server ever launched.

Ensure to prepare everything as quickly as you can because the start date is arriving very soon!

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