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Przyjmujemy od 20 lvla.
Organizujemy wspólne bossy - dragon - gs etc.
Edison is guild leader of Rookgaard Veterans.
The guild was founded on on 7 June 2020.
Guild Members
Rank Name Info
LeaderEdison50 Rookstayer
Vice-LeaderBrodaty Skurwiel (Czlowiek Skurwiel)34 Rookstayer
Grubekk (RTS)45 Rookstayer
Master Rookstayer27 Rookstayer
MemberChesterfield37 Rookstayer
Farmaceuta33 Rookstayer
I20 Rookstayer
Ilililila24 Rookstayer
Kloc38 Rookstayer
Lowca Cieni25 Rookstayer
Miki34 Rookstayer
Ragnar25 Rookstayer
Rookguardianin37 Rookstayer
Rookstayer Nie Frajer23 Rookstayer
Invited characters
Name Information
No invited characters found.
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