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New guild. Leader must edit this text :)
Nox'i is guild leader of Nez Strajk WhereIsOldboy.
The guild was founded on on 26 April 2021.
Guild Members
Rank Name Info
LeaderNox'i (support help me im stupid)308 Elite Knight
Death slicerIlaeed (house armed robbery)202 Master Sorcerer
MemberBuff Beast Bombiie306 Master Sorcerer
Estag (ambush for your house)173 Royal Paladin
Iliilililiililliliililiil224 Master Sorcerer
Knubbis90 Master Sorcerer
Lekarz Leci118 Royal Paladin
Paluga (usecoupoun george floyd)154 Elite Knight
Plumber Alcoholic Noxey394 Master Sorcerer
Synda Karde (NO PL)169 Elder Druid
Invited characters
Name Information
No invited characters found.
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