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New guild. Leader must edit this text :)
Dr Blant Pvpe is guild leader of MerceDresy.
The guild was founded on on 6 June 2020.
Guild Members
Rank Name Info
LeaderDr Blant Pvpe116 Royal Paladin
MemberAgks96 Master Sorcerer
Almighty Devil58 Elite Knight
Ciamajda107 Royal Paladin
Cocoloco86 Royal Paladin
Czaszkinss94 Royal Paladin
Krzychu Rakieta41 Master Sorcerer
Invited characters
Name Information
Jarrick75 Royal Paladin
Lokalny Chlopaczek50 Paladin
Mirek Dragon Wielki54 Royal Paladin
Zelek Here79 Master Sorcerer
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