Announcements - Start summary
GOD Slugar
41 Knight
on 2020-06-05 17:48:29
Start summary
The start went smooth and we didn't face any huge problems on the start of our server. The amount of players was higher than we expected, and went over 1600! Thanks for your activity, it means a lot for us.

We highly recommend to stay tune with our social medias!

In our youtube channel soon will start appear short guides from our server to help u succed and enjoy the server, leave a subscribe to stay tune, also there will be some giveaways so defenitely you should check it out.

Also we got a facebook fanpage where u can contact us, and find most important informations, current and future events and some more.

Finally we got a discord server which we recommend you the most to join it, because its easiest way to contact us, expect the game of course. There will be giveaway for 50 premium points code everyday in general chat section it will appear between 18:00 and 21:00 CEST. Also there is few voice channels to speak with each other, as well you can find crew members there and ask them anything.

Now time for few informations about changes and questions mostly asked ...

From today's server save every mount give same amount of speed (+10), earlier on our vision was to make it just cosmetic "bonus", but as soon as we get many requests and suggestions from you; our community, we decided to change the bonus and make it more usefull.

From tommorow's server save which is at 6 June 2020, there will be possibility to repeat the tasks both for cash and those for exp, every next reward will be decreased by a half, so rewards will get lower, and lower. The second time you will report the task you will receive 50 % of basic reward, third - 33 %, fourth 22 % etc.

Death redemption is not working properly at the moment, we have investigated the problem and with next server save it will start to work as it should. By that time we recommend you to not use it! However, if you already bought it don't worry, we are returning all points spent for it.

Another thing which we would love to mention is that every day on Kasteria at 20:00 CEST there is event called War Event, everyone may join, even rookgaard players. Event is free to join and noone will lose their items! So all you need to worry about is giving your best on pvp arena. Winning team get 5% bonus exp for 6 hours when the losing one get 2% bonus.

We would love to present to you as well new commend which will be added after next server save which is !vial - when you type that command after drinking a potion the empty flask will just dissapear from your inventory. However, if you want to make vials appear again you have to use that command once again.

Many people suggest us that when you exp in full team including every vocation, the experience you get is much lower than on solo hunt - we are listening your expectations and decided to increase bonus by 20% after next server save.

Worth to mention is a fact that we have our own Wikipedia which you may find at top left corner of our webpage. In this place you can find many answers for your questions, one of the new bookmarks which was added today is Vocation Informations, many people asked about details of each vocation so we added it to help you out, obviously if you can't find answer there, in our server we have help channel where mostly all of time there is a person to help you out.

We are very happy that you have choosen our server, we will keep the work on this server to provide you stable and great place to spend your time in Kasteria.

Best wishes,
Kasteria support.
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