Announcements - Game update!
GOD Slugar on Eternity
65 Master Sorcerer
on 2021-01-05 02:11:07
Game update!
Dear Kasterians,

after a little longer break we are back with a fresh breeze in New Year 2021! During this edition we have been thinking about balancing vocations even more, so every profession is useful in both team and solo hunt. As you already seen - paladin received such boost and became a pretty good vocation in both cases, however, there were still the question of the Druid vocation. Together with our support after a few days of thinking we finally hope found solution that will make a Druid stronger on solo hunts, which means each of vocation became playable in each cases.

We don't want to break the 8.0 gameplay, so please don't think that Druid will become as powerfull as mage, but just little upgraded.

Avalanche Rune - only Druids will be able to create (adori gran frigo) and use these runes, which are more powerfull than normal GFBs and no monster is going to be protected against that damage.

Cure Electrification - only Druids will be able to use that spell (exana vis), removes Electrification.

Cure Burning - only Druids will be able to use that spell (exana flam), removes Burning.

Update will be implemented next server save which is on 5 January 2021!

As always, we thank you for your huge support and help in server development.
Wojownik Zwschodu
130 Royal Paladin
on 2021-01-06 12:47:36
Nothing like that will help bring Palladin and Druid to team hunt. Even if you will nerf Knight heal UH still duet MS+EK will make more exp and profit than 4 profession team hunt. The only one thing which can help its buff experience got from 4 diffrent profession to 100%. Four players with shared experience will get 50% normal exp, the same like now MS+EK. Think about it, last edition was for single player, I think its not what you want. We prefer to play teamhunt! Good luck.
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