Announcements - Patch notes
GOD Slugar
41 Knight
on 2020-06-25 02:18:46
Patch notes
It's been a long time since we heard eachother, that was caused due to lot of improvements against specified bot functions - everytime we were increasing security, bot developer been bypassing it. It took "few" hours to protect client properly, but still it's not as safe as we would want to. By that we wanted to say that our work to prevent bots is still being in progress and security against it will be developed further.

Since few days our mapper was preparing some teamhunt spawns, but now due to feedback from our players we realized that Kasteria is missing a good solo hunt spawns. So, we did a quick work and with tommorow's server save brand new spawn called Mother of Ancients which is going to be located to the east of Ankrahmun/Darashia passage will appear.

Due to alot of feedbacks about Warzone, which became a "unpunished" spawn for players especially knights, due to quick way to protection zone - even with a skull, we decided to completely remove protection zones from Warzone expect boss reward room.

Tommorow, we are going to update our minimap in game client and we will try to update web version of map [it's a long process, which is cutting me off from work for few hours].
Brudny Pies
31 Druid
on 2020-06-27 01:04:13
Uwazam ze nowy spawn jest kiepski, watpie ze ktokolwiek bedzie teraz z niego korzystac a widac ze duzo czasu zmarnowaliscie na to.

Moim zdaniem problem jest w TH gdyz zajmuje bardzo duzo czasu znalesc ludzi i trzeba czekac na kazdego, pozniej trzeba robic manabag albo czeste refille i EXP/H w 4 osoby zazwyczaj jest dosc sredniawy. Jedynie te taski ratuja ale znowu tez trzeba liczyc ze na lepszych taskach mozna latwo pasc i wychodzi na to ze zawsze lepiej jest expic solo a ja osobscie mam dosc POI dle bo na wiekszosci serverach tam sie tylko siedzi bo nigdzie indziej sie bardziej nie oplaca.
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