Announcements - Merry Christmass!
GOD Slugar on Eternity
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on 2020-12-20 21:43:37
Merry Christmass!
Dear Kasterians,

Christmas is just around the corner! Therefore, as announced, we have prepared a lot of bonuses, events and prizes for you.

First of all, we would like to inform you that Santa Claus is returning to Kasteria! Recently you have been so helpful and you have collected so many gifts for him that this time he decided to devote his time and hide special gift baskets on the whole map! For each gift you bring him, you will receive one random surprise. You will be able to find him in the temple of every city, and gifts will appear every 2 hours (CET - 08:00, 09:00, 11:00, 13:00, 16:00, 18:00, 20:00).

Every day, every 6 hours (CET - 09:00, 15:00, 21:00) you will have the opportunity to join a special event in which you will face Santa's evil brother and his army, teleport is going to appear in each temple... After being teleported to a special winter map, you will have to fight a bloody battle with waves of monsters, and finally - with Corrupted Santa himself! After defeating him, each player will receive 10% bonus experience for next 6 hours.

You may exchanged Christmass Tokens you have collected during this Event with Santa Claus for several prizes:

- prey bonus rerolls
- item downgrade protector
- blazebringer mount
- each of retro outfit

In addition, during the Christmas time, we have prepared huge list of bonuses and other activities for you:

- Cast will give 10% extra experience.
- Our streamer - Crowny Cro, will be giving away premium points on his facebook livestreams! -
- From time to time you will have the opportunity to take part in a prize-search event, organized by GM.
- The player who gets the most experience points during the holidays will receive a SPECIAL REWARD from the GM.
- Best Christmas screenshot contest!

Each of you can take part in it, and the prizes you will be able to get from it are unique and incredibly rare - Golden Helmet, Demon Legs, Golden Boots, Dragon Scale Legs.

You may send your screenshots on our Discord server on screenshots channel

1st place - chooses 1 of these prizes + 200 premium points
2nd place - chooses 1 of the remaining prizes + 100 premium points
3rd place - chooses 1 of the other two prizes + 50 premium points

Christmas is a time that each of us wants to spend with family and friends. As a gift and to compensate it, each player receives a free 3 days premium account on December 21!

On behalf of the server support, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas! We hope that you will spend it in a warm family circle and a pleasant atmosphere, and if you want to relax in front of the monitor, a lot of activity awaits you!
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