Announcements - New spawn - Skeleton Warriors
GOD Slugar
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on 2020-06-19 02:24:33
New spawn - Skeleton Warriors
Kasteria is strong team to respond to the expectations of players, that's why due to a lot of requests from players to implement some new spawn we would like to present brand new exp place on which you may find new monsters called Skeleton Warriors. We shun from adding new cities as there is already too many on current server map, we have choosed to expand already existing deserted terrains, that's why Skeleton Warriors spawn has been added inside Ab'dendriels Castle.,17,position,32593,31640,10

Please get in mind, that our web map is not updated yet so you cannot see how the spawn looks like, but follow the place we sent above and use pick to the north from Minotaur Guard to get in.

We would like to thanks to all players who's helping us developing the server with their feedbacks. We are building strong community and we believe we may stay much longer than ever.

Kasteria team.
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