Announcements - Successfull launch!
GOD Slugar on Eternity
65 Rookstayer
on 2020-11-14 11:15:22
Successfull launch!
We would like to thank all players who have joined us here on Kasteria. This unique server had an amazing launch of over 2100 players and we have hugely enjoyed seeing the start of everyone’s journey in this project.

Since the very beginning we have managed to respond to 100’s of reports, suggestions and received incredible feedback from players. Your thoughts are extremely important to us as we navigate through the opening stages of the server. The team has worked around the clock to ensure our response time has been fast.

With tommorow's server save which will take place on 15th November Daily Bosses are going to be enabled, so you and your teammates may start to loot Emblems!

Eye of Destruction -,16,position,32582,31938,6
Endlesss Frozen Eye -,16,position,32386,31056,8
Ar'gazoth -,16,position,33178,31639,15
Ophaniel The Undefeated -,16,position,32607,31607,13
Blaze The Havoc -,16,position,31956,32592,8
Astaroth -,16,position,32306,32526,13

We look forward to keeping you updated and welcome you to Kasteria!
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