Announcements - Santa event!
GOD Slugar on Eternity
65 Knight
on 2020-12-06 04:08:00
Santa event!
Ho ho ho players! December is a month when Santa has a lot of work to do because he has to deliver tons of gifts to polite kids (or coal, to the naughty ones). Unfortunately, something terrible happened when Santa was flying in the sky ... His sleigh got into a strange aura and started shaking, which led to the scattering of all gifts around the world of Kasteria!

During those shocks, his sleigh was damaged as well, so he stopped in Thais - exactly here:,17,position,32374,32212,7 to repair it for the next few days.

However, he was met by the kindness of the inhabitants of Kasteria, who decided to help him find the scattered gifts. In return, Santa Claus offered to give a surprise for each found gift.

Each two hours (starting from 8:00 CET) 600 Santa's lost bags will spawn randomly in whole Kasteria map, they may appear in the cities but also on monster spawns and will be there for next one hour, once you find an Santa's Lost Bag you have to "use it" and it will drop specified amount of gifts which you may echange for prizes with Santa Claus for help.
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