Announcements - Patchlog & upcomming updates
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on 2020-11-25 09:39:01
Patchlog & upcomming updates
We would like to thank everyone who has been contributing by providing feedback and reporting bugs, specially at our Discord. It's a good opportunity to encourage you to visit us there, participate among all other players and give us your opinion on trending topics.

So far we have received alot of good feedback that current state of Kasteria is very attract for alot of people and updates that has been made are enjoyable for everyone. We really appreciate your opinions and we hope that we will be able to keep the good updates further that you are going love same as us. Just one sentence addressed to all of you - THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

That news is more like a changelog of our work since begining, as we haven't noticed you yet about things have been done so far within the last 2 weeks and some seed of the informations of upcomming updates!

We have corrected a lot of things reported since begining, which you let us know and what has made our work more efficient.

moving stackable items without pressing CTRL
cam system has been reworked and should work without any problems
stamina is being regenerated on Training Dummies
command !vials is from now removing empty vials even using life fluids
server informations page has been updated
house invitations should be saved properly
Cursed Mummies has been reworked, they are abit stronger as they were
added Skeleton Warriors experience task
mission "Pigs Out" on warzones has been improved, from now you will have 100% chance to get truffles
added level requirement to weapons from 4th Svargrond arena
command !frags has been corrected, from now it shows correct frag time for premium account players
added Training Dummy on Rookgaard
big spawn of Hydras in Tiquanda has been improved
Grim Reapers has been removed from Warzone I
Annihilator Quest has been fully rewritten - doors are going to be closed every attempt, no more possibility to overspawn Demons inside, you will no longer be able to enter inside if there are other people inside (both monster room and reward room)
Imperial and Princely set has received an rework, from they are more valuable
you will not longer be able to sell your items from your equipment, only items inside containers are going to be counted to be sold
added names to an items which were without names (ie. ophaniels items)
added new spawn of Skeleton Warriors inside Thais Monsternum (use pick here -,18,position,32510,32065,9)
improved small Hydra spawn in Tiquanda

We all know, that our beloved game is not only about hunting, but also about meeting new friends, communication etc. Therefore, we have prepared another entertainment for you, which we hope will give you many hours of fun, namely - a mini game commonly known as Battleship. A game in which you will be able to compete with another player by playing for free (just for fun), or create a competition for in-game things such as gold coins!

Battleship Game is under testing and should appear very soon! Please be patient!
First week of the server we were testing all of the Events we have implemented since begining, if everything is working as it should as you are never be able to test something with very few of players as hundreds of players will do. As everything after some corrections that has been needed started to work as expected we have increased repetition frequency of each event from one time to three times a day! We hope that you enjoy Events we made for you and you should expect some more in the future!

We are glad to inform you that we are under finish of next update in which you will be able to challange three new monsters which except of good hunting place will have it's full story to be solved! We cannot tell you more yet, but keep your eyes on our website - soon you will get more informations!

We are also happy to inform you, that currently we are preparing Wikipedia of Kasteria on which you will be able to find informations about all custom content that exist on our server, so it will be easy to find informations about things you didn't know yet about. Wikipedia should be ready very soon, please be patient!
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on 2020-11-26 09:07:13
Make 1x at 200, u can still exp fast but u minimize the risk of killing the server
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