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Announcements - Game update!
GOD Slugar on Destiny
866 Sorcerer
on 2022-08-21 01:01:03
Game update!
It gives us pleasure to announce our very first update since we mentioned on our previous news. With tommorow's server save we are going to add another two difficulty levels to Dungeons:

Adept - minimum level: 230
Master - minimum level: 280

We have had an issues with the stable of the cam server for several months which was caused by faulty machine - we were aware about the problem, however it "was" never a time for this, as it was just restart of the machine required and everything was working correctly for next few weeks. However, sometimes we were forgetting to do so, and in the result you were not able to watch your cams even for weeks. As we are starting to pay more attention on the management of the server - we have bought a new machine and configured it in such way to not let it loosing connection and bring the stable of the Cam Server as it should be! Please be aware, that it will take some time before all the saved cams are gonna be transfered to new dedicated server!

We believe that you are expecting a new content, and we are proud to announce that it's something we are currently working on - however, that's not something you will receive within a few days, it's gonna be a big one update that was not there since long time!
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