Announcements - The Ruthless Seven
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on 2022-08-06 17:34:33
The Ruthless Seven
As we can see that the characters you are playing are strong enough - it's a time to open The Ruthless Seven Quest!

Within the Kasterian history, the Ruthless Seven learned the forgotten art of dreamwalking and dominated all the pivotal points of meeting for the Nightmare Knights, thus cutting them off from each other. That almost annihilated the ancient knightly order. Before they were wiped out, they created a maze underneath the Plains of Havoc, inside the very inferno pits, where they had built an outpost so that one day leave the hellish underworld and dominate the whole world.

The ruthless seven are a cabal of archdemons who follow orders of Zathroth. Even the Demon Overlords obey their wishes.
Each one of the Ruthless Seven represents a hell circle. Each one bears a kind of disfortune that might happen. Fire, despair, plague, damnation, destruction, deceit and undeath.

Apocalypse, Total Destruction
Ashfalor, the right hand of Urgith. The general of the undead hordes.
Bazir, the Great Deceiver, Lord of the Lies
Infernatil, the Incendiary of HellPumin, the Lord of Despair
Tafariel, the Mistress of the Damned
Verminor, the Plaguelord

Have fun and enjoy the game!
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