Announcements - Server issues
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on 2022-04-18 20:14:46
Server issues
This easter was not a good for the server itself, since 2 years we were not getting a single server crash, however since few months we did several updates in our game engine - each code we were implementing/changed was carefully tested, however, there was a leak inside one of them we didn't knew before.

It took about one hour to find the issue, write a fix and test it properly - to be sure it won't happen anymore.

We know, you have expected an individual compensate, however this is not something we could do - the answer is very simple, due to server crash cams of many of players was not saved and it would become hard to get in to the true and may lead to abuse. Even tho if we would have all records, it would take ages to compensate all of the players one by one and still we could miss someone.

That's why we have decided to make an global compensate and we are aware of we won't meet all expectations, however this is how we can make it fair for all.

* All of players have received +2 days of premium account
* All of players have received a full stamina
* Mana fluids are 20% cheaper till Wednesday server save
* Experience has been boosted by 10% till Wednesday server save
* Loot rate has been boosted by 10% till Wednesday server save

We are really sorry for inconveniences, should not happen at all, however we are still humans and do mistakes. We hope that you will forgive us and things like this won't happen anymore.

Best regards,
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