Announcements - Happy Easter!
GOD Slugar on Eternity
852 Sorcerer
on 2022-04-15 18:59:07
Happy Easter!
We are getting close to Easter and we would like to present the first event we have been working on for you – we have some exciting details!

From Saturday 16/04/2022 you will begin to see a countdown to join the Easter Event. All players will have a chance to join and will be teleported to the Easter Arena which is NON-PVP. On this map, it’s every man for himself (all vs all) with prizes for the winners and also for everyone taking part! Your objective is to shoot your fellow players with Easter Eggs using a spell called exevo pascha. The spell will shoot the Easter Egg from your character just like a Master Sorcerer shoots exevo gran vis lux, smashing into the first player in its path! (not multiple targets). The Easter Eggs can be shot the full length of your screen – so if someone is aiming at you, make sure you’re not in the firing line! If you get hit by an Easter Egg your character will be teleported to a new random spawning position on the Event arena.

The top 3 players who land the most completed shots will receive 50 premium points with every other player taking part receiving a 5% EXP boost for 2 hours! Don’t worry; the top 3 players will also receive this boost along with their points.

Second Easter Event - Easter Basket's finder

We would like to present you the second event we have been working on for you!
Each two hours (starting from 8:00) 600 easter baskets will spawn randomly somewhere on Kasteria map, they may appear in the cities but also on monster spawns and will be there for next one hour, once you find an Easter basket you have to "use it" and it will drop specified amount of coloured easter eggs, which may be exchanged for prizes with specific npc.

Third Easter Event - The Sinister Bunny

As a third event we have prepared is a spawn of boss named The Sinister Bunny. That disgusting creature will apear two times a day; at 15:00 CEST and 20:00 CEST. Once you kill a boss (every player with level 40 and above) will be able to obtain nice rewards from the boss corpse including some rare items that won't be obtainable in the future.

Additionaly we have prepared a new content update with new monsters and items [hibiscus dress and focus cape]!

- Wyrms and Elder Wyrms are going to be located to the east of Liberty Bay depot

Streamers receives their own dedicated Giveaway Panel which should help them to manage their giveaways in-game and make sure that giveaways are dedicated only for Kasteria players.

We hope you are enjoying all our updates and events just as much as we do making them, we have plenty more under construction. We will continue to listen to player feedback along with making the right decisions for all players as we continue to see a very exciting future. We would like to thank all of our players for choosing Kasteria.
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