Announcements - Update!
GOD Slugar on Eternity
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on 2022-04-13 20:49:04
The beginning of Kasteria's new world Purity has been an incredible journey as welcome 1100 players in total included many newcommers that started their adventure with Kasteria for the first time aslong as our stable community aswell!

Since start of Purity we have managed to respond to hundreds of reports, which mostly were questions about the server itself. We are glad to respond any of your further doubts or questions - our support is always here to help.

As you all have noticed on this edition you may meet a higher level monsters so called Powerful, Invincible and Deadly - each type receives boosts in all of their mechanics including health, speed, experience, damage received, damage taken and loot.

However, we still found a time to start with one of firsts update you will see on the server constantly.

With tommorow's server save you will be able to visit two of new places with brand new monsters on which you may improve your character and enjoy the gameplay at all;

- Toxic and Venom Spiders are going to receive their home on undergrounds of the Forbidden Land

- Undead Gladiators and Vicious Squires are going to be located to the north of Edron passage

We are always working on the next development of the server and taking a very detailed strategy when deciding what the next update should be. We will continue to strive for perfection in every possible way so keep sending us your feedback as this is what helps us platform the perfect server for you, our players.

We invite you to use our very active discord -

Stay tuned for more updates soon!
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