Announcements - Revive of Zathroth
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on 2022-03-27 23:47:34
Revive of Zathroth
Henricus was genuinely concerned with what he heard from his spies, the news almost knocked him off his feet. Despite the founding of the Order of the Inquisition, numerous victories over demonic servants, many devoted soldiers - the dark armies continue to grow stronger.

"How miraculously he repeated, it can't be true."

However, the darkest scenario possible comes true, the eternal deity that had yet been known from more terrible legends, the Creator of black magic, the Lord of all Evil - the god Zathroth the Destroyer - was again the main subject of the necromancer's conspiracy.

The spies informed Henricus that the Queen of the Banshees is trying to resurrect him and is going well on her way. The Queen recruits followers of the Zathroth cult, offering them a portion of divine and even demonic powers. She is looking for trustworthy Wizards, which may serve her in a complicated plan - followers which are able to possess the power of the ancients. Followers which proofs their power to the all of the Keykeepers of Zathroth deeper Catacombs. The cruel elementals won't give up their treasure without a fight. Each daredevil who dares to take their keys away will face a real challenge.

The Queen needs powerful followers capable of assisting in the ritual of resurrecting the Zathroth who will be worthy of unsealing the vaults of him and his mistress Fafnar. As a temptation, he offers an ancient demonic cube - Abyss Cube, which can do a lot of evil in the wrong hands.

Is good is going to conqueres evil? Will the Order of the Inquisition take advantage of potential knowledge and prevent a tragedy?

Or will the confession of Zahtorth's cult and the rebel forces prove to be more powerful and take over the world of Kasteria?

Everyone creates his own path, everyone has an impact on the further fate of the story.

One thing's for sure - the world will never be the same again.
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