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GOD Slugar on Eternity
883 Sorcerer
on 2021-11-11 18:44:33
In today's news, we would like to share with you informations about the things we have been working on over the last few days, as well as those that will be introduced in the near future.

As you already noticed, our support is actively banning people for using any kind of unofficial software to play, however there are still people who are bypassing the rules - mostly rune makers farms. We are aware of the problem, and we did some brainstorm how can we counteract it. First thing we decided to do is fully block conjuring runes on Training Room - we hope you all understand our decision, training spots are dedicated to train your skills, not gaining profits during conjuring runes safety, so after next server save which is 12 November you will no longer be able to conjure runes inside Training spots. Second thing, getting out from Training Room below 80 level will block your conjure rune ability for next 20 minues.

As always we have been working extremely hard and want to share the most recent changes with you below;

energy ring equip issue in some cases has been fixed
looktype of thrower creatures has been fixed aslong as their attacks
paralyze while diagonal movement has been fixed
fireball count and price at NPC has been fixed
added more visible button for Wikipedia in-client
countdown widget has been fixed
minor and major token has been added to the market
corrected key ring name in market
increased points from Warzone missions by double
corrected levers on Pits of Inferno quest in Bazir Room
added more sqm's from which you may dig scarab coints/scarabs etc
some of map bugs has been fixed
using ladders while blood on these has been fixed
ban list on our webpage has been added
conjuring count of avalanches has been changed from 6 to 4
avalanche runes damage has been reduced by 10%
increased exp bonus with full team party (4 vocations) from 25% to 35%

We are always working on the next development of the server and taking a very detailed strategy when deciding what the next update should be. We will continue to strive for perfection in every possible way so keep sending us your feedback as this is what helps us platform the perfect server for you, our players.

Stay tuned for more updates soon!
10 Druid
on 2021-11-11 19:10:01
Hope is a joke xd if not, rip kasteria
84 Master Sorcerer
on 2021-11-11 21:04:29
Mage cant make runes for himself while paladin can train 24/7 for whole year?? Sounds like a joke. I dont know why trainers exist like that on this server - 2/3h each day should be max of trainers usage...
116 Master Sorcerer
on 2021-11-12 04:26:19
Assassin stars...
How come it takes aprox. 300 assassin stars to kill 50 Serpent Spawns in lvl 100...

Assassin stars are broken, i hit like 7... 29... and then 300 and sometimes i dont hit at all. I got dist 97 and still miss. U should check it out.

34 Elder Druid
on 2021-11-12 09:14:17
You guys are crazy. You just destroyed the server from the inside.
R.I.P Kasteria.
Luco Cassino Royal
8 Druid
on 2021-11-12 10:47:48
Normalny człowiek pracujący może sobie zapomnieć o grze inna profesja majac +- 2h dziennie
The Butcher
43 Knight
on 2021-11-12 14:10:11
hope u are kidding
take back make runes in trainers ffs
24 Elder Druid
on 2021-11-12 16:05:14
You kidding with me?
What is this, you will kill the ot faster...
Den Flygande Smurfen
75 Master Sorcerer
on 2021-11-12 17:54:32
The end Kasteria ...
Feel like this edition wont last as "long" as before after this latest update with the trainers ..
Adele Fountain
29 Elder Druid
on 2021-11-12 17:55:30
Very unecessary update
I dont feel like playing anymore after this update
Den Flygande Smurflurken
81 Elder Druid
on 2021-11-12 17:58:20
What is the purpose of this update, i dont get it. I think many people is dissatisfied with this latest topic, only time will tell..
Bacik The Wise
95 Elder Druid
on 2021-11-12 20:29:14
waste of time to play ed now
134 Elite Knight
on 2021-11-12 21:52:43
Good job guys, I love it!
78 Master Sorcerer
on 2021-11-13 14:39:15
where I'm supposed to make runes then?
Specially when the server just started and you don't have resources other than food. You want mages to be outside pz wasting manas to make runes? Fine, then give us more task and more money reward on that or keep everything as before.
26 Druid
on 2021-11-14 08:32:53
Good job!
Finally! Good update
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