Announcements - Second world Clarity launching!
Slugar on Clarity
44 Royal Paladin
on 2021-05-19 10:08:20
Second world Clarity launching!
The planned start of the second world - Clarity will take place on June 1st at 18:00 CEST and will be hosted in Europe with amazing proxies for US and BR players.

With Eternity reaching its 8 month since opening Kasteria maintains the credibility as the number one 8.0 server in the world. With players enjoying Eternity for so long its now time to open our next world, Clarity. Better than ever before we bring you the opportunity to join us as we take this incredible journey on the most perfected, refined edition you have ever seen.

Since the last server start, we have been working a lot on improving the game play and we have added several of features, which we would love to describe here;

Auto Loot - Once you have set up your loot containers, all items that you loot via the fast loot feature are going to be automatically sorted into these loot containers. Items that belong to unassigned categories are going to be sent to the default container. Please get in mind, that only premium account players are able to setup their containers, free account players are still able to use Fast Looting feature, however all loot is going to be moved to the default container regardless of their settings.

Activities Tracker - It's a built-in client widget which tells you how long you have to wait until you may repeat several activities such as challenge Daily bosses, Warzone bosses and additionally: if you can do Dungeon, use Death redemption or how many Downgrade Item protections you have left.

Task Manager - you will no longer need to walk to specified NPC to take a task. You will be able to begin a task by a specially created module (you have to be in PZ zone). Also, you will be able to choose the amount of monsters to be killed between 1 and 1000, while 1000 is maximum amount you may do in total - that means you may take for example 10x 100 monster count or just 1x 1000.

Custom Monsters Balance - we have been receiving a lot of feedback that some of our custom monsters we made are not balanced as well as the original ones. We took a more in depth look at them (just to be sure, this is hours and hours of testing!) and did some changes to make these more balanced.

There are also optional features on our server that you may turn on or off depending on your preferences at any time;

Shaders - A well known feature being activated whilst having at least 4 items upgraded to level +7. As we have seen a positive reception we decided to add few more Shaders so you may look even more phenomenal. However, we have opted out to grant Shaders for +7 items and currently, these are obtainable only from our Game Store. Please get in mind that some of the older GPUs may not handle some Shaders, so these may be not visible. However, we are aware that there are also players who don't like changes such as this - for these players, we have added a special option to the Game client which will let them turn off visibility of Shaders. If you wish to disable this feature go to Options and uncheck position Display player shaders.

Auras - it's cosmetic accessory for your outfit which may make your characters to stand out even more. Same as Shaders, you may turn off visibility of it by special option in our Game client. If you wish to disable this feature go to Options and uncheck position Display player auras.

Spells Emote - it's a feature that allows you to display spell texts as Emote text, so you won't have spam on your game client anymore we have been receiving a lot of feedback to add such feature, so there you go. If you wish to disable this feature go to Options and uncheck position Display emote spells.

Don't worry, these features can be hidden! We understand some of our players or perhaps the old school community may not like these new graphic features. So that everyone can continue to enjoy our optimized server please check the steps above which give you the option to remove the display of the Optional Features.

We have received a lot of feedback about the Prey system and we are aware that some of you do not like it and some do. It's hard to maintain such a huge project as Kasteria in tune with all the players, however as you know we are trying to satisfy most of the community always. Due to that, we decided that the Prey system is going to be reduced with the following settings;

- damage boost has been reduced from 25% to 15%
- damage reduction has been reduced from 30% to 15%
- loot bonus stay same
- experience boost has been reduced from 40% to 25%

As we stated above, we have balanced some of the custom creatures we made during the last years and some of you asked how it has been made - so we decided to share these information with you;

Askarak Demon:
Health: nothing
Experience: Reduced from 5600 to 5000
Loot: Removed might ring and ring of healing, decreased total loot value by 25%

Shaburak Demon:
Health: nothing
Experience: Reduced from 5600 to 5000
Loot: Removed might ring and ring of healing, decreased total loot value by 25%

Health: nothing
Experience: nothing
Loot: Removed berserker, tempest shield, fire mushroom and reduced gold drop by half

Cursed Mummy::
Health: Increased from 4000 to 5000
Experience: Increased from 3100 to 3300
Loot: Removed demonic essences

Demon Outcast:
Health: nothing
Experience: Reduced from 6200 to 6000
Loot: Removed fire mushroom, platinum coin, small ruby, small emerald and small diamond

Freeze Hero:
Health: nothing
Experience: nothing
Loot: Removed might ring

Health: nothing
Experience: nothing
Loot: Removed steel boots

Skeleton Warrior:
Health: Increased from 6200 to 7000
Experience: Reduced from 5850 to 5700
Loot: Removed mastermind shield, small amethyst, small diamond, small emerald, small ruby and violet gem

Venom Dragon:
Health: nothing
Experience: nothing
Loot: Removed golden armor

Health: Increased from 7200 to 7900
Experience: Reduced from 6200 to 5800
Loot: Removed small diamond, small emerald and jade hammer

Health: nothing
Experience: Reduced from 6200 to 5800
Loot: Removed small diamond, small ruby and abyss hammer

Health: nothing
Experience: Reduced from 12750 to 11450
Loot: Removed small diamond, small amethyst, vile axe, heavy mace and ring of healing

We believe that these changes will make gameplay more balanced and friendly for whole community.

At the beginning players are always hard competing to get the best possible start so we have some exciting opportunities to grant a few lucky winners with some prizes. We have prepared several competitions including a Facebook Contest from which you can win premium points packages and use them in our in-game store.

We would also like to invite you to our discord server, where you can talk with the entire support, propose your changes, conduct discussions and look for companions to play together!

Prepare yourselves, the new world Clarity is coming.
94 Elite Knight
on 2021-05-24 19:11:18
Changes needed
Can you finnaly upgrade ms power that 2x 60 lvl ms on double ue can easily kill 70? Why UE hits for 200 when sd 180, EKs are unkillable and make more xp/h solo than in teamhunts ... Also if you remove henricuss bless game will be much better.
Sokole Ucho
21 Paladin
on 2021-05-25 15:06:08
I'm happy that new server is launching
So tell us, is Palladin profession balance fixed on clarity server?
People were waiting to fix:
- exori con damage
- Assassin stars were missing 6-7 shots of 10.(it's to much)
Or You could boost infernal bolts and power bolts instead of assasins stars.

and also
Sorcerer UE was to weak. I understand that on other versions its to strong.
so it's really hard to balance IT properly.
But maby BUFF IT a little compared to last edition?
What is the decision?

You had a lot of time to change IT.
Or test IT and give US feedback.

Please could You inform US how its going to be on new server?
Kasti Peker Powrut
14 Paladin
on 2021-05-25 19:36:49
te, sokół, 6-7 missów na 10 to ty chyba miałeś na maturze, kto ci takich bajek naopowiadał
Wojownik Zwyboru
286 Elite Knight
on 2021-05-31 22:43:46
Naiman - Sorcerer's damage has been increased during the last edition of Kasteria. Now you get more damage with every magic lvl and lvl before it was only magic lvl.
Sokol - I don't know when was the last time you played but the exori con was boosted, assassin stars got boosted as well. Exori con does more damage with each level, and the assassin stars didn't miss that much
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