Announcements - Patchlog and updates
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on 2021-04-23 19:38:34
Patchlog and updates
Fellow Kasterians, it's been a while since our last news on this page however it doesn't mean we stopped or were not working on improving our server. During the last month, we were hard-working on game updates as long as minor or major bug fixes which we would love to share with you now.

Few updates ago, we have implemented a new cosmetic thing for player's outfits - Shader, which was obtainable only by having at least 4 items upgraded to +7. As we have seen a positive reception we decided to add few more shaders so you may look even more phenomenally. However, we have opted out of granting shaders for +7 items and currently, these are obtainable only from our Game Store. Please get in mind that some of the older GPUs may not handle some shaders, so these may be not visible.

Being on the topic of outfit cosmetic changes we are proud to present you another expansion of your outfits by Auras which are just like shaders, a cosmetic accessory. Do you want your character to stand out even more? Check out the game store.

However, we are aware that there are also players who don't like changes such as this - for these players, we have added a special option to the Game client which will let them turn off visibility of Shaders or Auras mentioned above.

Responding to players requests we have prepared brand new Dungeon difficulty level - Expert, which has been designed for higher level characters. Expert stage can be completed only by characters with a level higher than 180. We believe that Expert level will bring another adrenaline rush for everyone. You will have opportunity to visit new stage after next server save which will take a place on 24 April 2021!

We have corrected a lot of things reported since the beginning, which you let us know and what has made our work more efficient.

All holes and stone piles allows monsters to fall down like it should (be careful of scarab traps)
Corrected Gem prices in Loot Statistics
Stone behind "Oil Bridge" at Pits of Inferno can now be destroyed with Sneaky Stabber of Eliteness
You may no longer block the stones on Warzone II for preventing their summon spawns
You may no longer use Blessed Wooden Stake or Obsidian Knife on corpses if you are not owner of these
From now you may enable spell emoting in Game Client options
Soulfire rune should work properly, it won't be abusable anymore
Dreamers Challenge Quest will not stuck itself anymore
Loot Analyser will no longer count anymore items which you "use" if they are not being used
Loot Analyser will count properly items which are being Quick Looted in to the deeper backpacks
Corrected spell attacks of Deaththrower
NPCs will no longer takes your items from inventory while exchanging for other things such as addons or addon items
Furniture NPCs will now sell proper items
Added Auto Trade Messanger to the client, which will let you send trade message automatically
Added Avalanches, Fire Bomb and Energy Bomb runes to the Warzone rewards
Added notification of how much time left you have untill you may do next Warzone mission
Added Quest Items to the Game Store which contains items needed for complete quest if you have lost these during gameplay
Changed Crown Legs to Golden Legs as a reward for completing Medium level of Dungeon
Changed Vile Axe to Heavy Mace as a reward for completing Hard level of Dungeon
Added missing names of several objects in game
Barghest, Baldur and Brutus dusts are going to be highlighted in Loot Message
Twin Axe, Tempest Shield and Jade Hammer has been removed from normal game creatures - these items should stay only in game Bosses
You may buy maximum 1 label, parcel or letter at once

We sincerely hope you enjoy our updates. We put a lot of work, heart and effort into them to make them interesting and addictive for many players. Remember that your opinions and suggestions are important to us - without you, we would not exist.

We would also like to invite you to our discord server, where you can talk with the entire support, propose your changes, conduct discussions and look for companions to play together!

Remember that Kasteria, the Eternity world is here to stay! We are not planning and will not plan to close it down anytime.
Conor Mcgregor
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on 2021-04-26 04:19:40
good work
keep up the good work.
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