Announcements - Update - Activities Tracker
GOD Slugar on Eternity
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on 2021-03-18 14:25:51
Update - Activities Tracker
Kasterians, few days ago we have received an idea from you about create widget which can be used to track your cooldowns on several activities at our server and as you know that we always listen to your suggestions, so once again we decided to meet your expectations

We would love to present to you our latest work which is so called Activities Tracker. It's a built-in client widget which tells you how long you have to wait untill you may repeat several activities such as challange Daily bosses, Warzone bosses and additionaly: if you can do Dungeon, use Death redemption or how many Downgrade Item protections you have left.

The Activities Tracker will be implemented after next server save which will take a place on 19th March!

We are open for further suggestions, if you have a nice idea feel free share it with us through our Discord server -

Have fun!
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