Announcements - Important client update!
GOD Slugar
41 Knight
on 2020-06-07 11:31:19
Important client update!
Dear Kasterians,

We will start the news with VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION!

Our goal is to make kasteria fair for every player so we continue minimalizing bots posibilities. To existing antyparals and anty equiping stone skins, today we added anty replacing might and energy rings, so if you guys want to wear them, you will need to update your client. Remember to do that as soon as possible to avoid some problems connected to this change.

As you guys know your suggestions can have big influence for our server, so according to many requests about it, we decide to decrease the frag time amount for 6 hours, so now it's 24 hours for premium players instead of 30 hours and 30 hours for free account players instead of 36 hours.

Remember that every and each of you dear players can help us grow, and everyone is important for us.

Enjoy your time spend on our server! Best wishes guys have fun and good luck.
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